What is the best beginner cigar?

20171005_231521112735296.jpgThere is only one true answer to what is the best beginner cigar: whatever the hell you want it to be. Just like with your first alcoholic drink, there is no hard-fast rule to what you can or cannot try for the first few smokes. However there is a rule of thumb for the easiest transition into this exciting new world.

Start with a flavored or infused cigar.

Flavored cigars are typically soaked or sprayed with a flavored brine to impart an extra taste into the cigar such as vanilla. (Ex. Tatiana Cigars)

Infused cigars undergo different curing processes such as relying on evaporation to permeate the tobacco leaves. (Ex. Drew Estate’s Acid Cigars)

Both methods add a little something extra to the taste of the cigar. Flavored cigars tend to have a much stronger presence of the added flavor than their infused counterparts. Some people can find this abundance of flavors a bit overwhelming.

Try a classic cigar next.

This is an important step! It can be easy to get stuck on a flavored cigar especially if you loved the first one you tried, but don’t short-change yourself. There’s a whole world to experience and its best to do it early so you don’t get stuck in a loop of the same cigar every time you light up.

Again, there is not set rules that you have to follow these rules. Personally this is how I got into cigars. My first was a Java Maduro Robusto (mmm…chocolate) followed by a Padron 1926 Maduro No. 35. It worked for me and I have seen it work for countless guests who have visited my humidor for their first cigar.

What was your first cigar?

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