Drew Estate Undercrown Shade and Four Roses Yellow Label Bourbon

20171005_215634377136400.jpgDrew Estate Undercrown Shade Gran  Toro

This master blend was created by Drew Estate’s torcedores after they were asked to smoke less Liga Privada cigars because they were leaving too few to be exported. Utilizing the same tobacco as the Liga Privada, just different vintages and primings.

Filler:  Dominican Criollo, Nicaraguan Criollo and Corojo, Binder:  Sumatra, Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade

  • Cold Draw:  cocoa, cedar, and cream
  • First third:  mild, cedar, honey, earth, light black pepper
  • Second Third:  medium, same flavors as the first third with an added ginger spice
  • Final Third: medium-bold, continuous flavors with a touch of coffee
  • Overall:  A pretty steady stick that carries the same flavor profile throughout as the body increases.  While on the lighter side of the medium-full range, this cigar packs a strong flavor.

Four Roses Yellow Label

This mellow bourbon is a master blend of 10 unique bourbon recipes using 5 different yeast strains and 2 mashbills.  No age statement Kentucky Straight bourbon. 80 proof.

  • Nose:  honey, banana, vanilla
  • Taste:   butter, caramel, wood corn
  • Finish:  medium, oaky
  • Overall:  A smooth, sweet, affordable bourbon.  A simple (non-complex) sipping bourbon.

The Pairing

This pairing  brings out a berry/cherry flavor in the bourbon and pulls the cedar taste to the forefront of the cigar, leaving a very creamy mouth-feel.  A very affordable and accessible pairing, good for a beginner or for those days where you’re looking for something light.

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