Why do people smoke cigars anyway?

Why smoke cigars? This is a common question for non-smokers and cigarette smokers alike. In particular cigarette smokers have a hard time processing what’s the point of it all when you don’t even inhale! What could someone get from it? Who has that much time? Seriously, what is the big deal?

Why Do People Smoke Cigars

While cigars are certainly an acquired taste and smell, here are some reasons to enjoy a nice stick:

  1. It’s RELAXING. Most cigars take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to smoke. This isn’t for your 2 minute smoke break at work. This forces you to sit down, relax, and kick-back for a while.
  2. It’s a ritual. From cutting, to lighting, to extinguishing, there is a method to the madness that you have to follow. Most cigar smokers revel in the process that creates the beautiful blue-grey smoke of a good cigar. Cigar making is an art form as well as enjoying them.
  3. It’s a social sport. Cigars bring people together. Walk into an even a partially full smoking lounge and you are likely to see a group of strangers that appear to have known each other their whole lives. Cigar smokers bond over their favorite blends and finding new ones.
  4. The taste. Just like with liquor and ice cream (two of the world’s best creations) there is a HUGE variety of flavors, bodies, and tastes. The right cigar can even bring out new/underlying flavors in your favorite drinks and foods.
  5. You still receive the effects from nicotine. For all of you cigarette smokers out there this is a big one. For this one it’s important to understand there is a difference between the tobacco used in cigarettes and that used in cigars. I’ll get more into this later; but for now, know that the tobacco used in cigars contains a stronger concentration of nicotine than cigarette tobacco. You can absorb this nicotine through the tissue in your mouth. Cigarettes go to your lungs because your lungs are more absorptive and pick up on the low level of nicotine.
  6. You look pretty cool. Well maybe this one is a bit subjective, but I’d wager most cigar smokers will agree!

Now there are many more reasons to enjoy cigars. Each individual has his/her own reasons for cigars. What do you enjoy most?

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