A New Cigar Experience: The Blind Taste


A couple of years ago I was working as a tobacconist at a bar and lounge in downtown Huntsville.  Several of the bartenders on the staff smoked cigars with varying levels of experience.  One day, at the instigation of a couple of regulars, I participated in a blind tasting competition against one of the bartenders who boasted having the most knowledge (even above myself).  We blindly tasted 5 cigars from the selection of over 200 in the humidor, eyes closed for extra difficulty.  The owner of the bar lit the cigars and carefully passed them to us because for some reason I was worried about playing with my eyes closed.  In the end, I was able to identify all 5 based off of taste while my competitor identified 1.5.

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How to Look Like an Expert (Even if You’re Not)

How to Look Like an Expert (Even if You’re Not)

We’ve all been there. You walk into the humidor, bar, liquor store, etc. You look around. And you are utterly lost. Maybe you’re on a special date, or you are getting ready for a party Whatever the occasion, you’re looking to impress.

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Cutting to the Chase on Cuts

Cutting to the Chase on Cuts

Even if you have never smoked a cigar, you have likely seen others cut off a small piece of the cigar before they smoke it.  Or maybe you’ve watched a movie where the tough S.O.B. hero bites off a chunk of his cigar and spits it out before lighting up his choice stick, like a boss. This is likely confusing to you if you’ve never taken a close look at a cigar.

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