Gurkha’s Seduction Cigar with a Velvet Red Manhattan

20171007_1738571779501721.jpgGurkha’s Seduction Rothchild

This cigar was first released at the 2011 IPCPR trade show.

Filler:  Columbian Corojo, Binder:  Dominican Olor, Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

  • Cold Draw:  leather, tobacco, hint of cocoa
  • First third:  surprisingly mild, leather, white pepper, cedar
  • Second Third:  growing in body but still mellow, the white pepper has morphed into a baker’s spice, a more notable earthy tone is added
  • Final Third: mellow medium body, smooth with hints of caramel, continuing flavors of leather and baker’s spice
  • Overall:  This is one of those sticks that really prove that you cannot determine body based on the color of the wrapper alone.  It was surprisingly mellow in body, culminating to a medium finish.  Solid medium level of flavors throughout.  This could even be enjoyed as a morning cigar with your cup of coffee.


Velvet Red Manhattan

This twist in the classic Manhattan was crafted by myself and SiP bartender Patrick Briscoe, specifically to pair with a cigar.  The result is a smooth, very approachable Manhattan with major notes of rye spices and berry undertones.

  • 2oz Woodford Reserve Rye
  • .5oz Chambord – Black Raspberry Liquor
  • .25oz Don PX 1987 Gran Reserva – Fortified Dessert Wine
  • Angostura and Peach Bitters
  • Muddled Bordeaux Cherry

The Pairing

This is a combination that really highlights the difference a good drink will make in your cigar.  The manhattan breathes life into the cigar, making it a much fuller body experience.  The spice of the rye is transferred to the cigar, bringing out the sweet-mellow raspberry and raisin notes of the drink.

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