Donations/ Events


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Educational Donations

If you are interested in supporting my work, you can leave a small donation of $10. Or several small donations, just increase the amount as you like. Your generous patronage will go to continuing my education so that I can continue to provide you the most knowledgeable content.


Bar/Restaurant Consultations

I offer bar and restaurant consultations focused on staff and process development. I can train your employees on hospitality skills, service skills, spirits education, and cocktail mixing techniques. I can also help create, manage, and maintain bar processes such as inventory and specialty cocktail menus. If you are interested in letting me help maximize sales, morale, and employee tips, let’s talk!

Event Tickets

There are no upcoming event tickets available. Past events have included meal/cigar/drink pairings, spirit tastings, and educational classes.

Have an event you’d like to do with me?  Let’s talk!